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About Us

About Kratom Leaf Canada


Our mission is to make you discover some of the most unique botanicals around the globe. We find it essential to have all types of botanicals, available for further education and research. We hope to make you realize that time is precious and so are the research botanicals we offer. Please revisit us often as we add new kratom powders from different regions and special botanicals from around the world.


We only ship kratom to USA, from USA in order to ensure our kratom and other products arrive at your door promptly.


we specialise in providing the highest quality product by choosing suppliers that understand the importance of properly harvesting, curing and caring for the raw materials we carry.


We feel that the quality of our service should match the quality of our products, therefore it is important for us to treat you with the respect you deserve.


We strive to bring you the highest quality at the lowest possible price possible.

Conditions of use:

Not for human consumption: both external and internal. Must be 18 years old to purchase, sold as a raw material for further research, not for incense use or aromatherapy, not for food use, not sold or to be resold as a natural health product, research with proper care.

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