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E-Transfer Information

INTERAC E-Transfer

1. You will have the option to select E-Transfer under the payment page when checking out.
2. E-Transfer information that you will need:
Name : KL Canada
Security answer: klc321 (or you can choose your own security answer, make sure to e-mail us the answer)
Please contact us if you need help: 1-800-969-9618

How to setup your E-transfer account with your bank

1.Log on to your ONLINE Bank Account
2. Select E-Transfer
3. Add us as a receiver(KL Canada)
4. They will ask for our e-mail, please enter
5.Choose a security question
6.Type in the security answer: klc321
7.Type in the total amount that was displayed on checkout (You should also receive an e-mail with your invoice and total)
8. Press Send and you are done!
If you need further assistance, please call us anytime: 1-800-969-9618

  • E-Transfer Information
  • (800)969-9618