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This is 100 percent natural organically grown kava kava root powder from Vanuatu, where the highest quality and the oldest Kava grows under strict regulations. It is called ceremonial Vanuatu Noble Powder, composed of 35 percent lateral root, and 65 percent basal root. Basal roots are the base stump of the kava root, and lateral roots are the smaller roots that grow out of the basal root. Lateral roots are known to contain more kavalactones than the basal roots. Basal roots tend to contain more kavain. The ceremonial kava powder is the most popular product we have and like 95 percent of all kava on the market, it has been sundried.

Kava Kava History

Kava Kava is a plant in the pepper family. It is extremely respected by the ancient and modern elites in the Polynesian Islands like Hawaii, Vanuatu, Fiji. Now accepted as a research material in Canada. Our Kava is from Vanuatu where the law states that all kava that is allowed to be exported must be noble, which means they have grown for over 5 years. This has led to only high quality kava kava products from Vanuatu as opposed to two day (tudei kava) which is a much faster growing variety of kava that reaches maturity much faster and can be sold after 1-2 years of growing.

Conditions of use:

Not for human consumption: both external and internal. Must be 18 years old to purchase, sold as a raw material for further research, not for incense use or aromatherapy, not for food use, not sold or to be resold as a natural health product, research with proper care.
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